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Eyecare Associates of Osawatomie Products and Services

Eye Care Services Eye Exams
Eye care starts with regular, routine examinations. Our comprehensive examination will reveal any eye problems, even hidden ones you may not be aware of. We are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced technology to achieve excellence in vision. Read more about Eye Exams

Eye Care Services Eyeglasses
We specialize in customizing your eyewear to enhance your vision, keeping our eye on fashion and vision trends. We have over 1,000 frames in our optical department in all price ranges. Read more about Eyeglasses

Eye Care Services Contact Lenses
If you are thinking about contact lenses, our doctors have had years of experience and advanced training in fitting even the most difficult cases. Often, people who've been told previously they could not wear contacts have been fit successfully in our office. Our office participates in FDA supervised studies to investigate new lenses being introduced thereby giving us access to a greater choice in selecting the right lens for your eyes. Read more about Contact Lenses

Eye Care Services Children's Vision
Children are unable to distinguish between clear and unclear vision. Even if your child can read the smallest letters on an eye chart, there may still be hidden problems. School vision tests briefly screen vision only at a distance. The majority of school tasks require that a child be able to focus and see clearly up close to read and write. Read more about Children's Vision

Eye Care Services Children's Eye Exams
Our standard childrens exam evaluates Visual Acuity, eye tracking ability, ability to use both eyes together, need for glasses or contacts, specific eye health problems, using eye drops, near and far focusing flexibility, sustained focusing ability, double vision and inequality of the two eyes-(amblyopia, lazy eye). Read more about Children's Eye Exams

Eye Care Services Lasik Laser Vision Correction
We are committed to helping you decide which refractive procedure is right for you. Our network of ophthalmologists, optometrists and technicians is available and anxious to answer your questions as you consider the procedure. Read more about Lasik Laser Vision Correction

Eye Care Services Eye Care Technology
Eyecare Associates offers superior technical expertise. Our surgeons use state-of-the-art Lasers including ORBSCAN corneal mapping technology and wavefront technology. Read more about Eye Care Technology

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