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Becky has worked for Eyecare Associates as an optometric technician since 2014. We took the opportunity to let our patients get to know her better.

What is your favorite part of your job? “Getting to interact with our patients. That is always fun! I enjoy getting to laugh with them.”

Where are you from? “I claim Osawatomie and Lane as my hometowns. I went to school in Osawatomie through 3rd grade, then moved to Lane and attended Central Heights from then on. My grandmother lived in Osawatomie and I spent a lot of weekends at her house so I still saw my friends.”

Anything unique you want to share? “According to my best friend, I can sing along to 80’s music like no other, at least that’s her take. My son won’t retweet anything I post on Twitter but he does admit I am “Mom funny.” I am also told I get places quicker than expected and was nicknamed Becky Andretti. I don’t think I drive that fast…and I don’t have any speeding tickets so no one can prove it even if I did, and I am not admitting that I do. When my son was asked this question in high school he replied, “I am not adopted.” So just FYI…I am not adopted either, though my parents probably often wish they could say I am!”