Menizzi kid's eyewear available at Eyecare Associates of Osawatomie, KSChildren aren’t always able to tell us how well they are seeing. Even if your child can read the smallest letters on an eye chart, they may have hidden issues. Schools routinely offer vision screenings, but screenings rarely checks for things like how the focusing system (accommodation) is working, quality of depth perception, or how the eyes work together. Vision screenings rarely evaluate ocular health. The majority of school tasks require a child to see well both near and far away as well as comfortably focus between the two.

For that reason, our doctors recommend comprehensive eye examinations for school age children starting the summer before they enter kindergarten. The exam is a bit different than for adults but accomplishes the same things through puzzles and games, as well as ends with a visit to our treasure box.

We have a dedicated space children in the optical and the waiting area to help make your kids feel comfortable and a staff that looks forward to welcoming them to their appointment.  Many children see well, but if they do need glasses, our optical has many frame styles specially made for them.  Our doctors also fit children as young as 8 years old with contact lenses.

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